2020 Sons of Issachar Conference

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All contents were produced adhering to social distancing and self isolation due to COVID-19. Apologies for flicking within clips. To God be the Glory.




Workshop Presentation One

Using the Word of God


Workshop Presentation Two

Trusting God


Workshop Presentation Three

Standing for Truth




Overseer Alan Todd

Free Will Donations/Offerings to support this Ministry can be sent to Sons of Issachar Sort Code: 04-00-04 Account Number 20891269.





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Next Steps...

Our 2020 Conference "Dare to be a Daniel - It's Decision Time!" will be online, on this website, from 20th June 2020. Please continue to come back on a regular basis. 

Workshops Themes

      1. Using the Word of God to navigate us to our true destiny

Teaching (1) – It is often said that many a young man’s life is often characterised by the  decisions he tends to make. This workshop will provide a Biblical insight into how we as men can use the written word of God to alter / change the course of our destiny to what God truly intends for us. The expected outcome is understanding how to use the ‘Word’ as our weapon of engagement.


       2. Trusting God to being instrumental in our past, present and future to give us that expected end.

Teaching (2) – Using Daniel’s story as the backdrop to exploring God’s sovereignty over our lives, how can this story enable us make sense of our history, the spiritual journey we are currently on and how best these experiences can be articulated to be used as a source of strength and not condemnation. The expected outcomes are to understand that a Godly stance comes with a sacrifice, but in the end like Daniel, we will be victorious.


     3. Standing for truth through making Godly choices directed by the calling on your life. 

Teaching (3) – In order to stand for truth like Daniel, what do we need to know to make such Godly choices? What was the significance of Daniel wanting to abstain from the Babylonian foods? What do you understand to be the principals and foundational truths that will help us to make the right decisions during prophetical events taking place? Furthermore, what is the significance of a name? Daniel and the other young men had names that reflected the theological significance of their histories, which could be argued is the very reasons why they defended it at any cost?