The Year of Transition

Let us reflect back briefly on the rise of the Sons of Issachar Ministry. It was back in 2015 that the conference came to fruition. The focus was to ‘nudge’ the men to begin to consider the times that we are living in and to put that into some type of end-time context. The Bible tells us that the Sons of Issachar were adept at making sense of what was going on around them and became instrumental in the transitioning of the Kingdom from Saul to David.

In 2016, the Lord took us to the next level with the ‘Rise of the Giants’. The focus of the three workshops looked at (1) overcoming obstacles. Oftentimes our circumstances stand in the way of our ability to be successful, (2) the paradigm shift, thus is having the mind of Christ so that we can ‘see what God sees and not what we see’ with our natural eyes and (3) the benefits of Godly impartation; the mantle exchange; yes, Moses to Joshua and Elijah to Elisha, understanding and being prepared for the shift.

Why is Transition Important?

It is well-argued and documented in the various business journals, academic studies, religious extracts and most importantly our very own King James Bible that leadership succession is delicate and complex. It evokes deep emotions and fears, whilst raising questions of legacy, mortality, and self-worth. Human life in all its forms is full of transition which often involves multiple movements, shifts, change, and relocation. Thus, it stands to reason that the process of transition can be positive or negative. Whatever the state transition brings with it many feelings of fear, uncertainty, indecision and sometimes a reluctance to change the status quo.

Yet, we have to acknowledge that it brings with it new roles and responsibilities. Sometimes this transition involves building from scratch, starting a new life, forming a new routine, establishing new relationships, looking for schools, adjusting to a new way of living depending on what kind of transition it is.

It is worth mentioning at this stage that failing to make the transition when it comes can be disastrous, which can lead to a period of frustration. Our God is a God of seasons and like the sons of Issachar who understood the seasons and knew when and what to do. (1 Chronicles 12:32). Jesus is our perfect example as to what this truly entails.