The Prophecy of Plenty, it’s time to reap

Two days this year: Friday, June 14th & Saturday, June 15th Join us for our 10th-year celebration-themed “Prophecy of Plenty – It is Time to Reap!” We invite bishops, pastors, and all believers to gather at the Bethel Convention Centre for two days of spiritual enrichment and fellowship. Details: Featuring Bishop Colin Cawley delivering the […]


Preparing God’s people for power

Key Scriptures: Matthew 25: 1-13, 1 Corinthians 4: 20; Luke 24:49, Psalms 23:5 Greetings in the mighty name of Jesus our soon-coming King.  It gives me great pleasure to announce that this, the 9th installation of the Sons of Issachar (SOI) Ministry Annual Meeting, will be held on Saturday 3 rd June at Bethel Convention Centre in the […]


Faith to Believe in your Miracle

Greetings in the mighty name of Jesus our soon coming King. This year’s Sons of Issachar (SOI) Ministry Annual Meeting will be held on the Saturday 11th June at Bethel Coventry New Life Apostolic Church, UK with live streaming on Zoom and social media.


You Were Hidden Where You Could Not Be Found

When man tries to hide, he is often found, but when God hides you no one can find you, especially not the enemy. We the church of Jesus Christ are hidden from the enemy in the presence of the Almighty God. “For in the time of trouble he shall hide me in his pavilion: in the secret of his tabernacle shall he hide me; he shall set me up upon a rock” (Psalms 27:5)


Dare to be a Daniel, it’s decision time

Now, many of us might have given up either at the point of captivity or during the journey, not knowing that God in his Divine Providence has already designed a specific and bespoke set of measurements (criteria) that would mark you (Daniel) out as being different and as such, to be appointed as ‘special’ in more ways than one. Those determined to meet the criteria were to attend a local school to be taught by the best educators in the land, notably the wise men of Babylon whose remit was to teach them to speak the language of the Chaldeans and to strengthen the King’s hand in all matters.


The Waiting Time is Over

Thou art called: the waiting time is over The Bible suggests that the word ‘call’ is often used to refer to God’s plan to bring people back to himself through Christ for us to take an active part in his redemptive plan for the world. This sense of calling finds prominence in the writings (letters) of Paul, wherever the word ‘call’ is used. Some key scriptural references are: Romans 1:6 ‘..who are called to belong to Jesus Christ’; Romans 8:28 ’.. all things work together for good for those who love God, who are called according to his purpose’. The challenge is to fully appreciate and understand the ‘rules of engagement’ for those who are called to Office.


The Year of Release – Expect the Unexpected

Scripture reading: Joel 2: 18 -32 & Isaiah 6:1 The church is going through and coming out of a very difficult period indeed. It is fair to say, that, if the church is going through then the people are going through. The question begs, how will we come out of the struggle; will we come […]


The Year of Transition

Bishop S. A. Dunn, “To the men of God, this year’s conference theme will deal with how change is both led and orchestrated by God Himself. Moses and Joshua’s story is well read and told throughout Christendom, however, what we often overlook is how Joshua dealt with the transition; one day a faithful servant, the next Israel’s new leader.


Rise of the Giants

Men are always to pray and not faint. The season is now upon us where we need to reassess and re-evaluate where we are going and where we need to be and by when. In 2015, the Lord raised the theme, the Sons of Issachar, which provoke men to consider the times that we are […]


Arise, Sons of Issachar

The house of Bethel Apostolic, calls for the sons of Issachar to arise. My beloved Issachar, as you emerge into your purpose as a son of God, it is my earnest prayer that you will now understand why your unique process and indeed a journey of coming into being, was tempered with struggles, despair, dismay […]