This year’s presentations

Theme: Faith to believe your Miracle

Key Scriptures: Luke 5: 1-11, 1 Kings, 17: 2-16 & 18: 41 – 45

Greetings in the mighty name of Jesus our soon coming King.  It gives me great pleasure to announce that this, the 8th installation of the Sons of Issachar (SOI) Ministry Annual Meeting, will be held on Saturday 11th June at Bethel Coventry New Life from 9.30 am- 5 pm.

This year’s SOI conference comes at a time when the world is coming through a season of a worldwide pandemic never seen before.  The response has been unified in most cases where the approach to fix and indeed mitigate has been a medical one, using the COVID-19 vaccine which to all intent and purposes has for some been seen as the remedy. 

Presentation (1)

What it is to have worked extremely hard (toiled) with very little results. Many are struggling with the following:

·      To hold down a regular job’

·      To be working long hours but never able to move beyond the low-income band

·      Finding it hard to cope with the relentless increase in the cost of living,

·      To have studied hard, and yet, never get the results you were hoping for

·      To experience your marriage being under pressure (you never seem to find the right words to sow life into your spouse). Perhaps you have found it hard to tell a son or daughter, how much you really love them?

The question is, have you reached that ‘nevertheless’ point in your life, where you are now willing to say, ‘nevertheless at the word’, so that you may position yourself to receive the miracle that the Lord has for you.  (Lk. 5:1-11).

Presentation 2

The Bible declares (Lk. 18:1), ‘men ought to pray and not faint.’  Preparation is the pre-requisite action needed before we can experience the supernatural of God.  This presentation will explore the gap between prayer and answered prayer.  What do you do when you have been praying for a long time, and it seems like your prayers are not being heard?  This session will focus on Elijah’s precarious situation. He had been hiding for three years, waiting on God to take care of him and tell him what to do next.

He was waiting on God so much so that God even directed the ravens to feed Elijah three times each day (1 Kings 17:2-16). It is worth remembering that because of his obedience there had been no rain for three years. Moreover, we read in 1 King 18: 44, that at the seventh time (not once), the servant reported seeing a cloud as small as a man’s hand rising from the sea.

Having waited for so long for your change to come, are you now ready to look again using your spiritual eyesight and see the cloud gathering, knowing that what will follow next is the abundance of rain (blessings) Can you declare that you are at that ‘nevertheless’ stage and can state that it is your time to press one more time for your miracle.

God bless,

Deacon Gilbert R Pomell