A word from Bishop Dunn

Our Late Presiding Bishop S A Dunn who gave rise to the Sons of Issachar ministry quoted…..

“Let me take this time to extend holy greetings in the name of Jesus our soon coming king. Jesus is Lord above all, he is sovereign and reigns supreme and he remains the chief cornerstone.  I am indeed indited in a good matter and grateful for the opportunity to write a comment about the Sons of Issachar men’s programme.

I am very much in favour of this great ministry, which is the reason behind my endorsement. One of the greatest challenges facing the church in this century is to maintain a relentless focus on reaching lost souls who are desperately trying everything and anything to operate in a dying world.

We must also concern ourselves with ministering to all families who for many, continue to struggle. The church will be challenged to be relevant to the lost. If we fail to offer a prayerful response to the issues facing our communities, regions and the entire world, we will not be the light we should be.

Bethel Apostolic Church of Jesus Christ has always and will continue to provide the moral and ethical leadership for the communities that we serve. In the times we are living in, the church is called to be that light that continues to shine in a world of darkness. A world that has lost its moral compass, man’s pride, self-centred focus, where this has been replaced with violence and brutality, there is a calls for the church to have a voice, just like John the Baptist who cried out that it ‘was not lawful’.

Finally, there is a need for the men of God to stand and be counted. This ministry seeks to ‘strengthen those things which remain’ through equipping and empowering our men to stand on the word of God, which will enable them to increase their faith in the things that are contained in the spiritual realm.”

Bethel Men of God, Please Save the Date and Spread the Word encouraging all to Attend.

God Bless you All – Sons of Issachar team