Greetings from Bishop Dexter Edmund

Greetings to you in the precious name of Jesus our soon coming King. Whenever men serve together in the kingdom great things can be accomplished. The integrity that Daniel displays in Babylon propels him to a position of service and influence so that the King and other officials had to submit to the word of God that was in his mouth.

The 2020 Sons of Issachar Conference focuses on the skill and humility of this significant old testament prophet with the hope that it will serve as a catalyst for change and progression in the lives of both young men and elders.

While the Sons of Issachar understood the times, Daniel was a man for his time and used to give clarity to the King’s confusion. What a great example to emulate, what a tremendous person to follow which is why your participation in this year’s conference is an absolute must.

Come prepared to be challenged, leave with a commitment to serve your family, church, and community!