Locked up, but not locked out! 

This week, I was privileged to sit and listen (along with my wife) to an incredible story of extreme hatred versus forgiveness. Anthony Ray Hinton delivered the keynote address at the High Leigh Centenary celebration. You may wonder who ARH is.
ARH was charged with robbery and murder at the age of 29 and sentenced to death by electrocution. His only transgression? Being born poor and black
He was imprisoned, but not from the Goodness and Mercy of an Almighty God who never fails. During his 30 years on death row, God birthed a ministry through him, allowing him to ‘find life and freedom on death row.’

I implore you all to examine the challenges, issues, and obstacles that may be impeding your progress! I purchased his book, The Sun Does Shine, after digesting what he had shared, and I can honestly say that what I had previously perceived as a stumbling block was merely the fuel to propel me to the next level. #life #obstacles #almighty #hatred #death. Book in the photo sold on my website: https://sonsofissachar.co/ #website #book. My wife’s LinkedIn page Brynels Hats & Accessories and her profile Vivean Pomell. Anthony Ray’s book is available on Amazon#amazon Oprah Winfreyfeatured this book in her 2018 book club. #bookclub #oprahwinfrey

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