Faith to Believe in your Miracle

Sons of Issachar 8th Annual Conference 2022

Faith to believe your Miracle

Key Scriptures: Luke 5: 1-11, 1 Kings, 17: 2-16 & 18: 41 – 45

Greetings in the mighty name of Jesus our soon coming King. This year’s Sons of Issachar (SOI) Ministry Annual Meeting will be held on the Saturday 11th June at Bethel Coventry New Life Apostolic Church, UK with live streaming on Zoom and social media.

The conference comes at a time when the world is coming through a season of a worldwide pandemic never seen before. The response has been unified in most cases where the approach to fix and indeed mitigate has been a medical one, using the COVID-19 vaccine which to all intent and purposes has for some been seen as the remedy.

The church on the other hand has been divided about the approach to take, however, one thing the unifies us overall is the Jesus is the ultimate remedy and continues to be, as he was way back in Bible days, the balm in Gilead healing us both physically and spiritually.

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God bless