The Waiting Time is Over

A note of appreciation from the conference co-ordinator, Deacon Gilbert Pomell

Let me first give honour to King Jesus who is the head of my life. I would like to take this opportunity to acknowledge the planning team who continue to support this men’s ministry through their individual contributions and commitment; I salute you in Jesus name. For the past six months, we have been focused and very single-minded to not only deliver this men’s empowerment conference but to hear from the Lord about the theme.

Once again, this is the time for our annual men’s conference. I believe this is the season that will usher in spiritual blessings whilst moving many to experience the manifestation of God’s calling over their lives. Yes, for many, the ‘waiting time is over’. For example, if we consider the case of Mary and Martha, whilst they were waiting for Jesus to come and heal their brother, Lazarus, they murmured because they considered the waiting time too long! In the waiting we mature, our character is developed and refined, and we can often draw closer to God.

Believe me, waiting is not easy, but when you know that you know that you are called of God, then, it’s just a matter of time before ‘the waiting time is over.

Let me share a brief example of being called then having to wait. At the recent Central District Brotherhood Rock Solid Men’s Conference, I shared with the men of God how a Pastor called me to one side around 24 years ago and said, ‘God has called you, but he never told me what for’. I have had to learn to occupy in the vineyard as I wait on the Lord and BE OF GOOD COURAGE and let my gifting make room for me.